Reiki Healing for You

Reiki Healing for You


Reiki Healing from Lucia Maya on Vimeo.

Lucia Maya shares Reiki energy healing. Simply watching this short video will bring this healing energy to you, for mind, body, heart and spirit. Reiki helps to relieve stress and promotes relaxation. It is a divine energy with no limitations of time and space, and though spiritual, is not a religion.

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    • Lucia Maya
      Lucia Maya says:

      You’re so welcome! If you’re on Maui, this Sunday is my monthly Reiki share and the topic this time is Self Care! Always good to take care of ourselves so we can then have greater capacity in the rest of our lives… love, Lucia

  1. Kyle Quinlan
    Kyle Quinlan says:

    Awesome website and information. I’ll be clicking around more and checking you out. I’m on the Big Island but would love to get over to Maui sometime soon. Would love to connect further!


  2. Ali
    Ali says:

    Thank you for posting this video on may 24 th; my bday. I am no where near Hawaii, but I am thankful.

    Aloha=I see god in you=
    Perfect breath


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