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Intuitive Energy Healing


Reiki on Maui

In my beautiful, relaxing home studio in Makawao, Maui

and Reiki Energy Healing by phone or Skype worldwide

Transformational Healing Sessions

90 Minute – 2 Hour sessions 

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By phone/text: 808-866-8246

Transformational Healing with Intuitive guidance

Reiki on Maui and wherever you are in the world…

Through this transformational healing process, I offer a combination of compassionate listening and sacred counsel, intuitive guidance and Reiki energy healing, to assist you in finding peace and living from your heart with grace and ease.  These modalities complement and enhance each other, and combined offer an extraordinary depth of transformation and healing potential.

Through exquisite loving presence, and the channeling of powerful healing energy, I can assist in releasing physical and emotional pain.

I love assisting during times of transition such as new work/career, grief and loss, relationship changes, moving, and other major life changes.

Healing is about becoming whole, bringing to light all the parts of yourself, and allowing your energy to flow easily and joyfully.

Heart Centered Intuitive Guidance

In each Transformational Healing session, I listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and am fully present with you as you take steps toward living the life you want, with abundance, grace and joy.  I work with energy (and magic) to support you body, mind, heart and spirit.

I provide sacred counsel, often in the form of intuitive messages from our guides, from ancestors and others in the spirit world. If you have specific questions about your life path, relationships, career, and/or loved ones in spirit you would like to connect with, we can focus on this during your session.

“My dear Lucia, the freedom you bring to my soul, to my being, to my humanity is a gift of the greatest value in my life right now.  I treasure you and your ability to allow all my spaces…and the openings and freedom you give me…”  – Janet Rae, Wisdom Writings channel

I support you in a loving and practical way to discover what your soul is seeking.  Through my gentle, direct and compassionate approach I can help you find your most authentic expression and truth.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique…”    – Martha Graham

Lucia Maya, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Maui


Incorporating The Work of Byron Katie, this practice brings us into the present, and into peace. We discover, through 4 simple questions, that it is our story about the past or the future that is creating the suffering in our mind. I will help you to find the core beliefs that are creating stress, and assist you in a paradigm shift that can transform your suffering into radical self love, freedom and peace.

We identify old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving, working with the shadow, bringing awareness to the unconscious as we illuminate projections. The work clears any energetic congestion, and opens your heart so you may fully align with your life’s purpose and find peace.

Reiki Energy Healing

I offer Reiki on Maui, and Reiki sessions over the phone. Reiki is an ancient hands-on and distance energy healing modality that promotes relaxation and relieves stress. Reiki is a Divine, intelligent energy that goes exactly where it is most needed, and will support you in healing body, mind, heart and spirit.

Reiki heals at soul level, and goes to the root of the issue that’s creating symptoms or challenges in your present life. It allows greater clarity, new perspectives, and opens up new pathways that didn’t seem possible previously.

Each session allows time for sacred counsel, deep listening and intuitive messages from our guides.

If you’re able to receive Reiki on Maui in person, the reiki energies are combined with craniosacral work and aromatherapy, using therapeutic essential oils.

“The safe space that you are, was and is a gift in my life……thank you!”

“Thank you for your loving, gentle, presence and energy.”

reiki, Lucia Maya, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Maui

Sessions – the details

Healing sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or in person, with all sessions including time to talk, and Reiki energy being directed to you the entire time.  I work with you wherever you are.  My work is intuitive and is guided by your body’s wisdom and desire for healing and includes Reiki, intuitive guidance and spiritual teachings and techniques.

What can I expect in a Distance Reiki session?

In a phone session, we begin with time to share what is present in your body, mind and heart so that I may best attune to your energies and your intentions. I share teachings, techniques or messages for you, using my intuitive guidance.

I follow with a brief guided meditation, tailored to you, including an invocation calling on the healing forces, and then I send Reiki to you in silence, with intentions based on what we’ve discussed.  In some situations, we may spend the entire session in dialogue, during which I am sending Reiki the entire time. I close with a blessing of gratitude.

Each session ends with a chance to share anything that emerged during your healing session and to help you get grounded before reentry…

I send an invoice by email which you can pay by credit card following the session.

Please email Lucia to schedule.

What can I expect in an in-person session with Reiki on Maui?

Every session begins with time to share what is present in your body, mind and heart so that I may best attune to your energies and your intentions. I share teachings, techniques or messages for you, using my intuitive guidance.

You will be clothed and comfortable, in my beautiful, private Maui studio.  I begin with an invocation, calling on the healing forces, and then place my hands gently on your head, body and feet, depending on what you have shared with me, and what my intuition tells me. I end with Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, another form of healing vibration, which helps to integrate all the work we’ve done. I close with a blessing of gratitude.

Each session ends with a chance to share anything that emerged during your healing session and to help you get grounded before reentry…

Please email Lucia to schedule.

48 Hour minimum notice required for cancellation (please contact me sooner if possible), or full payment will be due, as I spend time preparing, setting up, and holding the space open for your appointment.

Lucia Maya, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Maui

I offer a free monthly Distance Energy Healing conference call 
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“I want to thank you for the amazing session you did yesterday…  I don’t think I’ve ever been as deeply relaxed…  Your touch is exquisite, and I felt completely safe (usually a challenge for me).  I love your energy, as well as the way you transformed mine.” ~ Carla, R.N.

“I’ve been truly blessed to have found you and connected in such a great way…  Strengthening my spiritual core and being connected is my job, but without you I don’t think I could have started taking those steps, for that I am so grateful! ” – Juan P

“The constancy of your love and your commitment to a heart collaboration with the Mystery is so good to be near and to be the recipient of…remembering is sometimes the hardest part…and you are a constant reminder…” ~ Meagan S, artist, intuitive counselor and mother

“this is heaven…beyond relaxation!”