Reiki One, Reiki Two, and Reiki Master Classes

Custom and Private/Individual Training

in Kula, Maui, Hawaii

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The form of Reiki I teach is Usui/Tibetan Reiki, in a non-traditional format. I am always working from the heart and open to what wants to happen with each student – allowing for possibilities, and committed to each student leaving empowered, confident and clear and for me to be authentic, with full integrity.

With all the changes taking place on every level of my Being, I’m continually amazed at the transformational, healing processes of Reiki. Forever grateful.  ~ Jonathan D.

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Reiki Level One Class and Attunement

In this Reiki class you will deepen your ability to heal yourself and others, through being attuned to channel gentle, powerful, universal healing energies through your hands. Even if you have never consciously done any healing work before, you will leave the class with the Reiki energies forever available to you.  If your work is already in health and wellness, Reiki can deeply enhance your practice, and this class may begin a new direction in your life’s work…

What Is Reiki?

  • Reiki is an ancient practice of hands on healing. Reiki is wonderful to assist in relieving pain, strengthening the immune system, for deep relaxation and easier sleep, and for preventing or relieving symptoms of many more challenging health issues as well.  It is an intelligent energy which always goes where it is needed, to assist in balancing and clearing you emotionally and physically.
  • Through meditation you will be guided to connect more deeply with the Divine within yourself, and this will continue through your practice of using Reiki on yourself and others, as you channel Divine healing energy.
  • Healing is about becoming whole, bringing to light all the parts of yourself, and allowing your energy to flow easily and joyfully.

See my Reiki Sessions Page for more about Reiki…

Some of what is covered in a Reiki One Class:

  • Opening invocation/prayer and setting intentions
  • Introductions and sharing
  • What is Reiki?
  • History of Usui and Tibetan Reiki in Japan and the U.S.
  • What is Healing?
  • Reiki Level One Ceremony and Attunement
  • Learn and practice Reiki, with hand positions for self-treatment and guidance for working on friends and clients, as well as animals, plants, food…

Please join if you are called – your life will begin a new level of transformation.

Individuals and small groups are welcome! Please contact me to schedule a custom class!

I mainly now teach custom, personalized Reiki classes. This class is taught in two parts, with teaching and attunement in the first Reiki class session, and then a follow up session after your integration.  The class size is limited – either individual or a small group, which gives plenty of room to tailor the class to you. In my comfortable home in Kula, Maui, Hawaii.

The cost varies, depending if you have a custom, individual class, or put together a small group.   Call/text Lucia at 808-866-8246 or email  Lucia for more info, or to schedule your Reiki One or Two Class!

“That class was very profound for me. I can’t thank you both enough (taught with Zelie Duvauchelle). Will definitely be working with those 21 day energies! Feeling extremely blessed today.” – DD, Reiki 1, Moloka’i, HI

“Thank you Lucia! I had a great time at the class and have had good results practicing Reiki so far! I woke up yesterday with a very stiff neck, did a bit of Reiki, and the pain went away! During the evening, I was feeling really angry about something, did Reiki, and the anger passed away. Thanks for creating such a supportive, loving environment for us to learn!” – CR

“Thank you so much for the exquisite training. I have been enjoying my practice as has my family! I am also introducing the concept of energy work to my clients and of course, being kids, they gobble it up. What a wonderful addition to my practice!!” – Christina A., counselor

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Reiki Level Two Class and Attunement

For anyone who has received the Reiki Level One attunement, this is an opportunity to dive more deeply into the Divine healing energies of Usui Reiki.

  • In this 2 part Reiki class you will receive a sacred attunement and the teaching of 3 sacred symbols which will increase the power of the Reiki energy, allow you to send and direct distance healing, and a symbol for working with the mental/emotional energies as well.
  • These symbols will amplify the power of the healing energy moving through you and increase your abilities.
  • This class will also enhance the transformation you have already experienced through your Reiki Level One attunement, while grounding you deeply in the practice of channeling healing energies through your heart and hands.

The format is similar to my Reiki Level One Classes, with teaching and attunement in the first session, with a follow up session after time for your integration.  The class size is kept small for individual attention, plenty of time to address questions and to experience sending distance healing as well.

Individuals and small groups are welcome! Please contact me to schedule a custom class!

In my comfortable home in Kula, Maui, Hawaii.

The cost varies, depending if you have a custom, individual class, or put together a small group.  Call/text Lucia at 808-866-8246 or email  Lucia for more info, or to schedule your Reiki One and/or Two Class!

“Thank you so much for such a great Reiki 2 attunement/initiation.  Everything you did came from the heart. Beautiful blend of essential oils, excellent instruction and meaningful ritual. I loved it…I think you are a great Reiki Master/Teacher. Love & Light.” Jeff D., science teacher

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Reiki Level Three – Master Attunement and Teacher training

For those who are deeply committed to going deeper and ready to move to a new level…

This Reiki Master class requires a commitment to yourself and your healing process.  Now is the time to go inward and discover if you are being called to this next level of spiritual growth, deepening, and increasing your ability as a channel for Reiki healing energy… You can take the course and use these enhanced abilities for your healing work on yourself, family, friends and clients, and will have all you need for whenever you are ready to teach Reiki and offer attunements.

  • You will receive the Master level attunement and learn 4 additional sacred symbols, both Japanese and Tibetan, which bring you to a much greater depth and open you as an even greater and more powerful channel of the Reiki healing energies.
  • You will also receive the ability and the training to pass all the Reiki attunements, including the Master level attunement.
  • You will spend considerable time practicing these attunements during the class, so you are confident and clear about teaching them to others.
  • I will also spend time discussing how to set up classes, how to organize and prepare teaching materials, and more.

This class is appropriate for you if you want to take your own healing abilities to the next level, and/or, if you are ready to expand into the possibility of teaching your own students. You must have the Reiki II attunement, and I ask that you have been doing both self-healing with Reiki, as well as practicing on others, before you take this class.  You must be able to use the Reiki symbols and the names with ease as well.

Individuals and small groups are welcome! Please contact me to schedule a custom class!

In my comfortable home in Kula, Maui.

The cost varies based on size of class, and if we do Master teaching and attunement, or the Reiki Master Teaching training as well. Call/text Lucia at 808-866-8246 or email  Lucia for more info, or to schedule a Reiki Master class!

Payment plans are available, please ask for details.

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Karuna® Reiki Master Class

For Reiki Masters who want to take their inner and outer healing work to an ever greater depth, with Avalokiteshvara and Quan Yin, goddesses of Compassion as our guiding force. You learn 12 symbols in this intensive, 2 day course, with 3 levels of attunements, including the teacher/Master level, so you will be able to teach Karuna Reiki yourself!

The symbols of Karuna focus specifically on:

  • healing the shadow self
  • integrating the higher self & connecting with divine realms
  • conscious communication with your Divine source
  • bridging Heaven and Earth
  • developing inner vision, intuition & compassion
  • healing trauma and grief

This class includes guided meditations, circle for sharing experiences and insights, attunements and teaching, practice sessions, toning/chanting, journaling, and more… These attunements have opened me to be a much greater vessel for healing energies, opening my heart to greater compassion and love, for myself, my clients, and all beings.

Call or email  Lucia for more info or to schedule your private Karuna Reiki training.

Payment plans are available, please ask for details.

Lucia Maya, Reiki Master and Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master and Teacher

Lucia Maya has been a Reiki practitioner since 2001, became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2002 and completed the Karuna Reiki® Master training in 2010.  Reiki has been a central part of her life, her work and her spiritual practice since her first attunement and she has been a full time healing practitioner for over 20 years.

She has been teaching Reiki since 2004 and she loves sharing this healing energy, and is especially passionate about teaching Reiki, empowering and awakening the healer within, and being witness to each student’s experience of healing with Reiki energy.

Lucia Maya Reiki teacher

Please see Lucia Maya’s About Me page for a full bio.