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I started this blog so that I could share some of the practices I have been lucky enough to have been given or discovered, which enhance my life, and to share some of the wonderful things that come my way… and I also wanted a format where I could receive comments and feedback from you, my friends and community, about what you are excited about, what you’ve tried (here and elsewhere) that you love and have made your life easier, richer, more filled with grace…

So after each posting there is a “comment” link, where you can comment on the article, or share your experiences about Reiki, the Oneness Blessing, essential oils, life coaching, holistic health, etc… that are relevant.

Thanks for reading – I have lots more coming soon!

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  1. John Morgan
    John Morgan says:

    It feels like you're opening the treasure chest of all the jewels you have picked up along your way — especially over the last nine years. In fact, you are doing what you always said you dreamed of doing. Gorgeous, generous, and gracious. Thank you for sharing so much. (especially the yummy shake :) )


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