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We are here on Moloka’i, Hawai’i, really slowing down after being here for 2 weeks now! We’ve had our first 2 conference calls with the Oneness Blessing by intent and LOVED sharing the Blessing with those of you on the calls… we plan to continue to offer Deeksha by phone when we return to Tucson, with details still to come. Of course, we will also continue to open our home every Wednesday for our Oneness Blessing gathering!

Denise suggested tonight that the participants (you!) could journal and share some of your experiences with the Blessing, and this is a perfect place to do that. You can add comments that we can all read using this as a forum. Please share images, visions, insights, revelations, any thoughts that help us to connect and induct each other into our shared experiences…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Last week our theme was that division and separation are an illusion that cause us to be united in Oneness. I was commenting on how in February my husband took me to Coronado Island, somehow I was "supposed to be there" but I didn't know WHY. NOW I "see" WHY, because Lucia & Zelie are in Hawaii and for now the California beach is the closest that I will be to Hawaii. So there I was standing on the beach in California, and this day Lucia & Zelie are sending us our Deeksha Blessing from the other side of the ocean:)
    – Denise Ruiz

  2. Margaret Williams
    Margaret Williams says:

    Dear Lucia and Zelie,
    Again, thank you for making this evening available.
    … joining in with you tonight with physical telecommunications and enjoying the chanting, guided meditation, Deeksha, and hearing and being with everybody in this heart blowing open evening was magnificent.
    I found myself in my body, yet dissolved into particles into the nothingness…and into the allness….and sending this radiance to others…
    How cool to experience all this at once!

    Much love and appreciation,
    Margaret Williams, M.D.

    Thank you again!


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