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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of giving a Reiki session to a wonderful 7 year old boy.  He’d not heard of Reiki before, though he was very open to receiving it.  As I was talking to him, I was asking for guidance for the best way to explain to a child the essence of Reiki, and what came through clearly is: “I am bringing God’s love through me, to you.” That is truly at the heart of how I see and feel Reiki and what I offer.  He seemed to understand that.

After about 2 minutes of some wiggling on my table, this very active and animated 7 year old feel deeply asleep, and stayed completely out for the next half hour, while he received this healing gift.  It was so wonderful that his mother thought to bring him, as he’d had the recent trauma of losing his beloved grandfather to an unexpected and violent death.  Receiving the a Reiki treatment so soon after this sad experience will serve him well, as he will be able to experience and express his grief, but not hold on to it and allow it to create trauma in his body, as we often do.

I love being able to offer this healing modality!  Let me know if you are interested in trying a session!

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  1. Zelie Duvauchelle
    Zelie Duvauchelle says:

    It’s the best when a client falls asleep and the body/mind can do what it naturally knows how to do. We are all self healing creatures.
    You offering your time and energy in this way to this youngster will surely improve his connection to himself (his grief) and also to others.
    This is such good news Lucia! You are doing beautiful work in the world.
    Many blessings!

    • Lucia Maya
      Lucia Maya says:

      Thank you so much! SO true, we are all self healing creatures…and falling asleep during a session is a great way for the body to move into that state where healing can happen from within!

  2. Chesley
    Chesley says:

    This was a great story, Lucia! I practice Reiki and my 5 year old daughter (who is also attuned) recently told me that “Our hearts are the master of Reiki”! :) I thought this was really beautiful. She said that Reiki comes from her heart and flows wherever it needs to go.

    I’m so glad to hear of others sharing Reiki with children, as I believe they are still so much more open to receiving. What a blessing for this little boy to have his mom bring him to you for such a lovely session. And such a lovely way of describing it to him. Thanks for all you do to make this planet brighter and LIGHTER! :)

    Reiki blessings,

    • Lucia Maya
      Lucia Maya says:

      Dear Chesley,
      thanks so much for writing! I love what your daughter said, it’s perfect. Children understand this so easily, as it is our true nature to be in tune with energy and healing, and many of us are discouraged from this connection early on, and then have to un-learn what we’ve been taught.

      I love sharing Reiki with children, and I am so glad your daughter has learned the gifts of Reiki at such a young age! Very good to hear. Thank you!


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