Essence of Reiki

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of giving a Reiki session to a wonderful 7 year old boy.  He’d not heard of Reiki before, though he was very open to receiving it.  As I was talking to him, I was asking for guidance for the best way to explain to a child the essence of Reiki, and what came through clearly is: “I am bringing God’s love through me, to you.” That is truly at the heart of how I see and feel Reiki and what I offer.  He seemed to understand that.

After about 2 minutes of some wiggling on my table, this very active and animated 7 year old feel deeply asleep, and stayed completely out for the next half hour, while he received this healing gift.  It was so wonderful that his mother thought to bring him, as he’d had the recent trauma of losing his beloved grandfather to an unexpected and violent death.  Receiving the a Reiki treatment so soon after this sad experience will serve him well, as he will be able to experience and express his grief, but not hold on to it and allow it to create trauma in his body, as we often do.

I love being able to offer this healing modality!  Let me know if you are interested in trying a session!

Healing Process after a Reiki Attunement


Hi Lucia,

I have been having a lot of difficulty with my Reiki work. I noticed after the Reiki One class that my fibromyalgia really acted up. I let it go as I practiced but did not get any relief. I worked on my husband and a friend and it got worse. I am taking a break to see what happens. Any suggestions?
Thanks & luv, Nancy


First, I’m sorry to hear that your fibromyalgia is (or was) causing you pain or discomfort, though it can be a good sign that some deeper layers of healing are happening!  A couple thoughts I have – one is that the Reiki is bringing it to the forefront to help to release some of what’s at the deeper levels, the pattern levels, that likely were present before you ever had symptoms, so continuing to do Reiki on yourself is what I’d recommend. You might want to try continuing to give Reiki to yourself and abstaining from giving to others to see if that makes any difference.

Sometimes we do have some worsening of symptoms before there’s an improvement. This can be called a “healing crisis”, but I see it as the soul’s way of bringing things to the surface to be healed.  In the same way that after a Reiki attunement people may find some friendships that are no longer serving begin to shift (sometimes not so easily) or dissolve, the body’s wisdom will bring out old patterns to be revisited with new resources and energetic support, so they can be healed at deeper levels.

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Essential Oil Resources for Beginners

Beginning with Essential Oils

I’m passionate about essential oils for myself and for my clients – they augment the Reiki energy healing extremely well, and support us in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  In just the past week I’ve been asked three times to share some resources I use for Essential Oils – from people wanting to add them to their healing practices:  a child psychiatrist, a Reiki practitioner specializing in Elder Care, and a therapist working in a stressful workplace counseling people in crisis, as well as clients wanting to use them for themselves.  I realized many have these same questions, so I’m sharing some of my personal recommendations here for books I love, brands of essential oils I use, and how I use EO’s on myself and clients.  Please let me know in the comments below or by email if you have specific questions and I’ll try to help.  If you’d like to know more about how I use essential oils in my Reiki Healing sessions, you can read more here.

essential oils and rain lillies

Rain Lilies in bloom in Tucson


I have a few books I love.  My favorite one that is always close at hand is  the “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” (12th Edition) by Connie and Alan Higley, around $30. It is full of easily accessible information, organized by issue/symptoms/illness, as well as single oil information, and all the Young Living blends, which I have had excellent results with.
You can find it here: Abundant Health for You, along with a great selection of books and other EO related products.

Another similar one is called “Essential Oils Desk Reference”, by Essential Science Publishing. It is also aimed at buyers of Young Living oils, and has a lot of the science and research on EO’s as well.  I don’t find it as useful and accessible as the Reference Guide, above, but it is very thorough!

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Self Care and Self Healing

How to take care of yourself when you are facing an infection…

After a long day of travel from Tucson, Arizona to Moloka’i, Hawai’i, and another day of waiting for our friend’s delayed arrival, I was tired.  I felt well, though, and was surprised to find after a late dinner that my tooth was quite painful.  When I felt around, it was actually my gum and the tooth below the gum line that was painful, and made me think it might be the beginnings of an infection.

My first thought was that with all the travel, and the busyness of preparing to facilitate two healing retreats, my immune system was probably low.  At the same time, while I was feeling my tooth and gum, I started doing Reiki.  Since I was first initiated with a Reiki attunement 9 years ago, that’s always my first response to pain, injury, or signs of illness – do Reiki.  That started to help immediately, as it always does, bringing healing energy and touch to the pain on the surface.  I placed my 4 fingertips on my cheek along the gum and jaw on the side that was sore, and could feel the pain start to melt.

My mind jumped to the guests that were arriving the next day, and my desire to be completely physically and mentally present for the next few days of facilitating our healing retreat.  I did not want to be dealing with a tooth infection – not having to go to a new dentist who I didn’t know, nor recovering from pain and the stress of being sick.  I used my Life Coaching skills and shifted my thoughts to positive ones, seeing myself feeling completely well and pain-free.  Getting clear in myself that this was a time for taking care of my body, so that I would then be able to serve my clients in the ways that would serve their greatest and highest good.

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Welcome to the New Luminous Adventures!

Thank you so much for your interest in this work, in your own transformational healing process, and assisting the awakening of our collective consciousness by listening to and taking care of yourself on your path of self-discovery!

This new site has been in gestation stage for quite some time, about 9 months as I look back, and it’s felt like a gestation of a new “baby”, now finally ready to be born!  Though I loved the old one, it’s time for my site to grow and expand, as my Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance work has grown and expanded to reach more people and I’ve included more offerings, including many Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes, ho’oponopono and distance energy healing.

New additions…

I hope that you’ll find the new Resources Page useful, as well as the resources found in these blog posts.  Please check out the Calendar of Events Page which has a calendar of my upcoming Reiki Classes, ongoing Oneness Blessing Events, and includes all the events that Zelie Duvauchelle and I offer in partnership, such as our annual Hawai’i Spiritual Retreat in July.  For more details about all these events, go to the Workshop and Retreats Page!

To register for any of these events, simply send me an email and let me know what you’d like to sign up for!

Check back here frequently, or subscribe for blog updates (separate from my newsletter), as I will also be adding more of my own personal story of what has brought me to this work, my own healing journey, work with clients, and more.

One of the reasons for this new format, including this blog, is that I’d LOVE to hear from you!  I will be including a Question and Answer column in this blog, so please let me know your questions, what you’d like to receive information, resources and thoughts about.  I’ll do my best to answer, and I’ll try to find the answers if I don’t know.  You can ask about anything in the scope of my work, ranging from essential oils, Reiki, holistic healing, how to deal with a particular issue in your relationships, work, etc.. You can post it in a comment here, or you can email me and ask your questions, and if you’d like to remain anonymous just let me know. I’ll share the questions and answers that I feel will be of assistance to as many people as possible.

I would also love any thoughts, feedback or comments here in the blog as well!  If you want to schedule an appointment for a Reiki and Intuitive Guidance session in Tucson or by phone, or a free consultation, please call 520-579-8844, or email me.  If you’re not yet receiving our newsletter, please use the Sign-Up Box on the right, AND receive access to a monthly group distance energy healing call!  This is a powerful way to experience the subtle and profound healing work that I offer, and join a community of others seeking healing and transformation.

I am so glad you’re here, and I look forward to hearing from you!
with love and blessings,

Welcome and Reiki 2 Class photo

Greetings! Welcome to this new venture/adventure (for me) of blogging!

I have so many ideas, resources and wonderful news that come my way, and this seems the best way to share them with you all…

some Reiki News:

the Reiki II class on May 2, 2009

We had a deep and transformative day of Reiki 2 attunements and practice Saturday, with a wonderful group of students! Several of them were new to me as Reiki students, which was a novel and lovely experience for me, as usually my Level II students have all received their Level I attunements from me.

I am looking forward to teaching a Reiki Master/Teacher training in a few months (September most likely), as I now have several students who have been asking, and are getting ready for this next step of deepening and opening to serve others!

I am also excited about a new offering that is coming soon – Reiki Class for Kids! This will be for parents and children, ages 6 to 15 (more or less…). Please let me know if you are interested in this, and I will do my best to schedule it for as many as possible.

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