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I am posting this letter I received from my dear friend, wise woman Kathleen Bowman, along with a link to a message from the Hathors as channeled by Tom Kenyon, with his commentary.  This came soon after the tsunami in Japan created a massive distribution of radioactive particles in our air, water and therefore food.  This continues today, with little to no mention of this in the mainstream media.

From Kathleen Bowman on March 18, 2011:

“I am sending this to all my friends on the coastal areas that may begin to experience some radiation fall-out as soon as today. Whether or not you have been working with the Hathor material or not, this offers a simple, and self sustainable process to engage that will only increase your capacity for holding health or healing. Whatever your perception of this material might be, you may want to lay that aside in favor of healing in these times and as the Hathors have pointed out this is only the beginning of the need to know ways in which to hold our consciousness such that we are the highest possible vibration for ourselves and those around us.

Also in Gabriel Cousens Book Conscious Eating, fundamentally what Dr. Cousens is suggesting is eat low on the food chain…plants that you can wash and that have the greatest capacity for holding the antioxidant structures….and eating them raw is strongly advised. The principle of selective uptake gives us specific ways to minimize the dangerous effects of radiation exposure. If you want more information on how the minerals in your body will use the principles of selective uptake, I recommend you read the book, it is a gold (good mineral, for uptake :)) mine of information. A chief Radiologist from Johns Hopkins University reported that one milligram of iodine for children, and five milligrams for adults per day would reduce the amount of radioactive iodine accumulated in the thyroid by 80%.
Now since we cannot absorb minerals (meaning they will not be bio-available) that are larger than angstrom size, I strongly recommend going to “Mother Earth ” minerals and getting that angstrom sized iodine(iron, potassium or any other mineral). Another resource would be the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Dr. Cousens source). Just be sure you are getting it in a form that is actually bio available. Kelp tablets or kelp granules are also recommended as they will also allow the body to opt for that iodine uptake.
Other high sources of iodine are Swiss chard, turnip greens and wild garlic and onions, watercress, squash mustard greens spinach, asparagus, kale, citrus watermelon and pineapple. Paying attention to the fact that too much iodine can overstimulate the thyroid. So really tap into the source, the quality and the amount. Children will need smaller amounts more frequently. You want to make sure your pets are receiving some of this protection also.

Another way of neutralizing radioactive buildup is chelation. Some good ways to chelate is to ingest “sodium alginate” it will pull radiation out of the bones without interfering with the calcium uptake…this is high in kelp family foods. Kelp granules, dulse, arame, wakame, kombu and hijiki. Beets are a great liver and blood detoxifier and will help protect the nervous system. And beets are high in iron wihich protects agains absorption of plutonium. An angstrom iron from Mother Earth minerals will also be useful. Bee Pollen is one of the best pro-active life forces of the planet and if you have no issues with bee’s(allergies), and are not opposed to using their pollen, it is a good source of strengthening during these times. Spirulina, is a must at this time…Chlorella is a good cell protector. Just some thoughts and suggestions. I am sure some of you receiving this also have information that can be added, and it feels like now is the time for us to come together and share whatever we have been guided to learn and use to bring our consciousness, and our bodies into an alignment with the events. of change.


I recommend checking out Tom Kenyon’s site for his lengthy article on this!

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom KenyonMedicines of Light:Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses.
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