Bodhisattva Video – laughter to lighten your day

This is a beautiful video which is great to watch anytime you need to lighten up, remember to not take yourself, or anyone else too seriously… It takes a couple of minutes to get into the heart of it, so have patience – it’s worth it! It is called Bodhisattva in Metro and Bodhisattva “refers to a being who has taken the bodhisattva vow, i.e., not to merely follow the path to enlightenment for him or herself but to participate in the world with other beings to achieve enlightenment together.”

I’m reminded again of all the blessings in my life – family, health, work I love and wonderful clients to work with, animals, beauty all around me, laughter, and the ability to appreciate it all, which is grace! And the joy I receive from being able to witness others’ opening and awakening, in our Deeksha circles, in my Reiki classes, and in everyday interactions with those in my life.

Bodhisattva in Metro

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