Transformational Healing

Welcome to a practical and mystical approach to transformation and healing…

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Reiki Healing Sessions

Energy Healing

with Lucia Maya


Lucia provides Reiki energy healing on Maui, and by phone or zoom. Intuitive readings, soul guidance and deeply transformational healing are part of each session.

Reiki is a Divine, intelligent energy that heals at soul level. This healing energy, combined with Lucia’s intuitive abilities, brings peace and relief to body, mind and spirit.

In this sacred container, Lucia provides spiritual counsel, deep listening and intuitive guidance, with Reiki energy being sent throughout, offering an extraordinary depth of transformation and healing potential.

Energy healing sessions are available in person in Kula, Maui, Hawaii, and by phone and zoom worldwide.

heart healing

Luminous Reiki Classes

In all levels of Reiki training with Lucia, you will deepen your ability to heal yourself and others, through being attuned to channel gentle, powerful, healing energies through your hands, and by sending at a distance.

Private reiki classes are scheduled for individuals and are customized to your needs.

The form of Reiki Lucia teaches is Usui/Tibetan Reiki, in a non-traditional format. Luminous Reiki classes are heart-centered, and devoted to each student leaving empowered, confident and clear.  At the heart of her teachings lies the belief that healing is unique to each individual, and that we, as Reiki practitioners are simply clear, loving channels for these healing energies.

heart healing


“Lucia, your beautiful teachings have given me wings. They are shining into every forgotten corner, unsticking long-stuck places, and illuminating the dark. I am astonished and so deeply grateful. Deep deep bow.”

heart healing


“Our time together was magical

I am in a different world- a magical one

I feel my soul rejoicing.”

heart healing

Hawaii Healing Retreats

Hawaii Healing Retreats include custom Maui Healing Retreats and Maui Spiritual Retreats. Energy healing at my home in Kula, Maui, combined with inquiry, meditation, dreamwork and intuitive guidance offers potential for immense healing and transformation in a short time!

Soul healing at the deepest level is what awaits you when you step into a Hawaii Healing Retreat with Lucia Maya.

All that Lucia Maya does begins with the heart center, and often includes meditation, energy healing work, Inquiry with The Work of Byron Katie, ritual, ceremony, and more, custom created for you.

heart healing

Distance Healing

Join my free Distant Healing Call — open to all! Receive Reiki in this monthly half hour call. There is time for sharing and setting an intention for the healing, followed by a guided meditation to relax, and help you to move into your heart center and open you to the energies.  The Reiki energies are sent in silence. These are Divine intelligent healing energies that will work with you to heal body, mind, heart and spirit.