Holistic Nutritional Support

I am posting this letter I received from my dear friend, wise woman Kathleen Bowman, along with a link to a message from the Hathors as channeled by Tom Kenyon, with his commentary.  This came soon after the tsunami in Japan created a massive distribution of radioactive particles in our air, water and therefore food.  This continues today, with little to no mention of this in the mainstream media.

From Kathleen Bowman on March 18, 2011:

“I am sending this to all my friends on the coastal areas that may begin to experience some radiation fall-out as soon as today. Whether or not you have been working with the Hathor material or not, this offers a simple, and self sustainable process to engage that will only increase your capacity for holding health or healing. Whatever your perception of this material might be, you may want to lay that aside in favor of healing in these times and as the Hathors have pointed out this is only the beginning of the need to know ways in which to hold our consciousness such that we are the highest possible vibration for ourselves and those around us. Read more

Kundalini experiences

Here is some helpful advice from Michael Milner, one of the Oneness Trainers in Florida concerning kundalini experiences and how to help move the energy through the physical body and energy bodies:

“Lee Sanella M.D., one of the pioneers of the Spiritual Emergency Network, in his book “The Kundalini Experience” explains a number of experiences he had helping people integrate kundalini awakenings. Bottom line, he found that the kundalini energy after reaching the top of the head needs to ground back down through the body (usually down the front of the body). When it reaches back down from the crown to the heart, that’s when the heart flowers according to OU teaching. When it reaches the lower belly (tantien or hara), virtually all side effects of kundalini vanish. When it reconnects with the root chakra, the serpent has completed a full circle like the ouroboros, the snake swallowing its tail, in a feedback loop, very powerful, very balanced! Taoists call this the microcosmic orbit. It keeps the kundalini circulating continuously in a full circle through all the chakras simultaneously, hence the person remains fully functional on every level of their humanity and fully grounded.

In Indian yogic traditions the kundalini is often raised up to 6th & 7th chakras and left there or somewhere above the crown chakra. This tends to leave people drooling & unable to function, with shakes, headaches, eye pain, sleep disorders, sexual disfunction, etc. Lying in shavasan will allow the energy to ground & integrate, but most Westerners do not take the 20 minutes or so required for that to be effective. In the book Vara Deeksha Mala (published by OU), Amma teaches a meditative counterpart to Chakra Dhyana called Parvathi Padma Dhyana meant to be practiced after Chakra Dhyana (for instructions see http://www.onenessmovementflorida.org/ParvathiPadmaDhyana.htm ).

Another alternative is the So-Ham mantra meditation taught occasionally by the guides at Oneness University (and taught by Yogananda & Muktananda and many other gurus). Inhale on “So” seeing the golden kundalini energy flowing up from root to crown, hold your breath briefly while you see the energy fountaining out the top of your head mingling with the Cosmic Prana, then exhale on “Ham” as it pours back down over the whole body, FEEL it coursing down through every part of your body body filling it with golden energy. Eventually, So and Ham, inhale & exhale, may merge into OM, breath ceases, and one enters the breathless state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

OR Taoist breathing (this has been my life-long sadhana): Tongue curled, tip touching the center of the hard palate in the roof of the mouth. Inhale feeling the energy flow up the spine through the top of the head, exhale feeling it flow down the front of the body to the lower belly (tantien = sea of elixir). I have practiced & taught this for about 40 years to many people having difficulties with kundalini, and like Dr. Sanella, I have discovered it really works to bring balance & eliminate kundalini side effects. It leads ultimately to a state in which it is entirely possible to stay in nirvikalpa samādhi and yet be fully functional in this world. This condition is known as sahājā nirvikalpa samādhi or sahājā samādhi. According to Ramana Maharshi, “Remaining in the primal, pure natural state without effort is sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi”. Taoists call it “wu wei”, the natural human state, which means “not doing” or spontaneous effortless
action, naturally doing the right thing at the right time without thought or effort.

One last thing, the nausea issue: When Kundalini energy is flooding the 3rd chakra people often feel nausea. 3rd chakra involves power & control. They feel this energy out of control and it is probably activating some blocks or charges in the 3rd chakra area. If they think “something is wrong, this needs to be fixed” & resist or struggle with it, nausea often results. If they are encouraged that nothing is wrong or needs fixing, let it be, just relax, stop fighting it, let it happen, breathe, feel it, embrace it & experience the charge (energy) without resistance, it transforms almost instantly from nausea to pure blissful energy. It’s sort of like going on a roller coaster. When you go over the top, rushes hit your tummy. Resist it and you may throw up. Surrender & you experience joyful euphoria”

Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Zelie and I have been making and drinking herbal infusions for about 5 or 6 years now, and have felt healthier, with greater energy and fewer illnesses during these years than before, better digestion, and I feel my hormones have come into balance. Susun Weed has inspired me with her herbal wisdom – through her many books (the New Menopausal Years is a great one) and her huge website. There is a great deal more info there about the specific minerals and nutrients in these herbal infusions – too much for me to list here…

Herbal infusions take a bit of work, but once you get in the habit, it’s pretty easy… we buy herbs in bulk through Mountain Rose Herbs, a great resource for high quality, organic herbs and oils. To begin, you need a couple of 2 quart glass (mason) jars with lids (hardware store is a likely place), and we like to rotate through each of these 4 dried herbs: nettles, comfrey leaf, (we add peppermint to these 2 for better taste), oatstraw and red clover blossom. I buy a pound of each at a time, and that lasts 2 of us for months, drinking at least 2 cups each per day.

Boil a full kettle of water and place about an ounce of one of the herbs in the 2 qt jar, (about 1 – 2 cups of dried plant, depending on the fluffiness of it). Then pour the boiling water in the jar til it’s full, stirring the herbs in, and cover. It need to infuse for 4- 8 hours. Easy to do this at bedtime, and then in the morning it’s time to strain the plant material out, leaving you with about 8 cups of delicious herbal infusion to drink – you can add honey, or heat it if you like, but we drink it cold, first thing in the morning and then again later in the day…

It’s easiest to have 2 jars, so when you strain it, you can do it directly into the other 2 qt jar. A good tea strainer that fits into the mouth of the jar makes the process a lot easier also, but isn’t necessary.

This is an inexpensive, empowering way to take care of your body and create health and harmony for yourself! In these times of great change, with our “health care system” not truly about health for the most part, it is more important than ever to find ways to take responsibility for our own health and wellness, strengthen and nourish our bodies, and prevent illness… Enjoy!

Here is a bit from an interview with Susun Weed:
What is a nourishing herbal infusion? Is it a kind of herbal tea?
A. A tea is a small amount of herb brewed for a short time. An infusion is a very large
amount of herb brewed for a long time. Herbal teas are lovely, but don’t aid longevity or build health. Herbal infusions are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other phytonutrients like polyphenols and phytoestrogens. Because they are so concentrated in nutrition, nourishing herbal infusions can literally rebuild the body.

Nettle rebuilds the adrenals and restores energy.

Oatstraw rebuilds the nerves and blood vessels as well as giving sexual energy a boost.

Red clover rebuilds the immune system, helping to prevent cancer and chronic inflammation.

Comfrey leaf rebuilds the digestive system, the skin, and the connective tissue, restoring flexible health throughout the body.