Self Care and Self Healing

How to take care of yourself when you are facing an infection…

After a long day of travel from Tucson, Arizona to Moloka’i, Hawai’i, and another day of waiting for our friend’s delayed arrival, I was tired.  I felt well, though, and was surprised to find after a late dinner that my tooth was quite painful.  When I felt around, it was actually my gum and the tooth below the gum line that was painful, and made me think it might be the beginnings of an infection.

My first thought was that with all the travel, and the busyness of preparing to facilitate two healing retreats, my immune system was probably low.  At the same time, while I was feeling my tooth and gum, I started doing Reiki.  Since I was first initiated with a Reiki attunement 9 years ago, that’s always my first response to pain, injury, or signs of illness – do Reiki.  That started to help immediately, as it always does, bringing healing energy and touch to the pain on the surface.  I placed my 4 fingertips on my cheek along the gum and jaw on the side that was sore, and could feel the pain start to melt.

My mind jumped to the guests that were arriving the next day, and my desire to be completely physically and mentally present for the next few days of facilitating our healing retreat.  I did not want to be dealing with a tooth infection – not having to go to a new dentist who I didn’t know, nor recovering from pain and the stress of being sick.  I used my Life Coaching skills and shifted my thoughts to positive ones, seeing myself feeling completely well and pain-free.  Getting clear in myself that this was a time for taking care of my body, so that I would then be able to serve my clients in the ways that would serve their greatest and highest good.

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