Hawaii Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Healing Retreats on Maui and Moloka’i, Hawaii

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West End Molokai (photo: Barbara Williams)

Molokai Spiritual Retreat ~ “Transformation In Hawaii”
with Lucia Maya and Zelie Duvauchelle

January 22 to 27 – 2015

In every moment we each transform. We die to our previous selves to be born to our present self. This transformation is the suchness of life. It happens in every moment, it happens in the span of our life time, and it happens over time immemorial. There is no escaping transformation, it happens naturally. We shed our old skin and a new layer appears, we don’t have to “do” anything, it is all being done. Making transformation conscious is an art. It opens us to the realms of the mystics, the deeper, more mature layers of life, and we become active participants in our transformational process.

My partner Zelie Duvauchelle and I have a great deal of life experience with transformations – big and small. We both lost our fathers in early childhood, we have both lost children, been through divorce, changed careers, recreated ourselves over and over, moved to new places, and we have found ways to move through transformation and remain joyful and connected to life.

It’s not easy by any means, it takes conscious awareness, and an intimate connection to life. We would love to share with you some of the tools we have found useful and life-changing in living with the depth and richness of our experiences. All that we do begins with the heart center, and we include inquiry with The Work (of Byron Katie), ho’oponopono, ritual, ceremony, meditation, energy work and more.

Early Bird Registration deadline for this annual Hawaii Retreat is December 1! Please register soon, accommodations are limited. We look forward to being in sacred circle with you.

Contact Lucia by email to register or for more information or call 808-866-8246

From our January, 2015 Hawaii Healing Retreat:


Ukulele and Hawaiian Music Retreat on Molokai

February 26 to March 2, 2015

Join us at our ocean-front home on Molokai, Hawaii for 5 days of Ukulele Playing and Lessons

~ Singing ~ Chanting ~ Talk Story ~ Heart Centered Meditation ~ Hawaiian Music ~ Throat Chakra Initiation ~  Transformation Through Music ~ A rare opportunity!

Zelie Kuliaikanuu Duvauchelle, Lucia Maya

Zelie Kuliaikanuu Duvauchelle and Lucia Maya

With Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle – born and raised on Molokai. Sharing her unique musical gifts in an intimate setting, at her home on the ocean where her ancestors resided and played music. Zelie is a gifted teacher and singer/songwriter, and creates sacred space where others connect with their own voice and heart.
Lucia Maya – brings over 20 years of heart-centered exploration and energy healing. An innovative, visionary leader and gifted healer.

General Information for Our Hawaii Spiritual Retreats:

With the ancient goddess Hina as our support in these Hawai’i spiritual retreats, we will weave our dreams and our hearts to replenish and renew our relationship to the Divine. The ancient sages (kahuna) of Hawaii chose Molokai as the place for purification, healing, and rebirth. Come join us at our temple by the sea for retreat and renewal.

Some of the many possibilities: eat fabulous, nourishing, organic food, journey to the hei’au (sacred Hawaiian temple) and other sacred sites for ritual and offerings, create mandalas on the beach, learn about divination with Voyager tarot, travel to the mud beach for cleansing and fun!   We play in the ocean every day, allowing the clear blue water to wash away what is no longer serving…

Each retreat is unique, depending on the constellation of the group, the theme, the time of year, and what is wanting to come through.  Many participants return to explore other layers of themselves and heal more deeply.

  • Hi’uwai – Cleansing
Ho’omanamana  – Regeneration
  • Ho’oponopono – Healing
  • Ho’okumu – Initiation

Where:  Puko’o, Molokai, Hawai’i  (a short flight from Oahu, or Maui)
Cost:  $2,200 single, (cost varies based on accommodations) – contact us for options! Cost includes all workshop sessions; accommodations at fully furnished beach front homes; ground transportation; and one nutritious meal per day.  Does not include airfare.

50% non-refundable deposit due upon registration, balance due 30 days prior to your retreat.

Facilitated by Lucia Maya and Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle, native Hawaiian, born and raised on Moloka’i, HI.

To register:  contact Lucia at 808-866-8246 and Zelie at 808-558-8207 or Email Lucia

Maui Healing Retreats

Baldwin Beach, Maui

Baldwin Beach, Maui

Now available – individual and small group Spiritual Retreats on Maui.  Taking place on the slopes of Haleakala, (the mountain which is the “House of the Sun”), you receive the healing energies of this sacred, beautiful land, with time each day for customized healing sessions, facilitated by Lucia Maya. We will also travel to special sites around the island, from mountain to ocean, personalized for your needs and desires.  Contact Lucia to schedule your Healing Retreat on Maui.

Whale Watching, Maui

Whale Watching, Maui

See Calendar of Events for our next Hawaii Healing Retreat!


Baldwin Beach, Maui

Baldwin Beach at sunset, Maui


“I am awesomely blessed with so much love and abundance. So much of it, I feel, is from my blessing and body work from you and Zelie and Moloka’i, and Mother Earth, and Ocean Waters.  My trip to Hawaii was completely, totally, and absolutely Healing. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.” – K.B., massage therapist at Canyon Ranch

“The time in Moloka’i was more than I imagined and then some…I have been enthusiastically telling others of the beauty and magic, and love (healing) of you and Zelie, and of Moloka’i and the whole Aloha energy.  Thank you, I have been deeply blessed. I’d love to do it again as well.” – K. E.


Please contact us by email or by phone at at 808-866-8246 for details and to reserve your spot!

Hawaii spiritual Retreat, Lucia Maya, Zelie Duvauchelle,

Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle and Lucia Maya



For more info, see Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle’s site…




“Mahalo (thank you) Zelie and Lucia for offering and facilitating the Hawaiian Immersion Retreat; it was amazingly profound. Moloka’i is like no other place I’ve visited. The presence and energies of the place were an integral part of the experience. The beautiful Hale Maluhia (House of Serenity) and the energy of whale and mo’o (gecko) supported our work. Nadine’s organic meals, prepared with care using local foods, were a perfect way to nurture us during our stay and an absolute delight.

Some exciting changes since I have returned include a greater sense of clarity, being more in tune with my intuition and a greater flow in my creativity. I also started recalling my dreams as I used to. I anticipate that the Hawaiian Immersion Retreat will continue to make big shifts in my life. Again, mahalo!” ~ ER, Grantwriter/Shamanic Practitioner/Reiki Master


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