Distant Reiki Healing Call

Distant Reiki Healing Call

Monthly Distance Healing conference call, free of charge.  This Distant Energy Healing Call is open to all! There is time for sharing and setting an intention for the healing, followed by a guided meditation to relax, and help you to move into your heart center and open you to the energies, and then silence while the Reiki and Deeksha energies are sent. These are Divine intelligent healing energies that will work with you to heal body, mind, heart and spirit.

Third Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 pm Arizona time (3:30 pm Hawaii time, 5:30 pm California and 8:30 pm East Coast).

The call-in number and code will be provided in my email newsletter, so be sure to sign up to receive the most current news!


  1. Kathlyn Leonardi says:

    Hi I have signed up for the email however, I cannot seem to find the Call-in number and the code??

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