Gratitude for 7 Years of Oneness Blessing Circles in Tucson

I am delighted to be moving to Makawao, on Maui in just a few short weeks, on March 1, so I had our last Oneness Blessing Circle in our home in Tucson, Arizona 2 nights ago.  It was filled with love, gratitude, tears, joy, laughter, sweet friendships and connections, and so many blessings… the same as every other Weekly Wednesday Oneness Circle has been for nearly 7 years!  There are wonderful memories to carry us forward, and the divine grace of the Oneness Blessing will stay with each of us, no matter where we are. I am forever blessed and grateful for this community.

Oneness Blessing Givers,

Long-time Oneness Blessing Givers: Carla, Lucia, Breeze, Cindy, Angel and Walid

Here are some long-time Deeksha Givers who have all brought so much to this circle (Kat and Jon Michael were missing from the photo, and as dedicated Oneness Trainers have each done so much as well) – there are so many more of you, and I thank you all!  Notice the purple light/orb right above our heads!





Deeksha, Oneness Blessing

Deeksha Circle, 2013

Deeksha, Oneness Blessing

Deeksha Circle, 2013

Deeksha, Oneness Blessing

Deeksha Circle, 2013

Fortunately, there are several options to continue to receive Deeksha in Tucson: If you’d like to be updated about other Oneness Events in Tucson, please join the Facebook Group Oneness Tucson for the most accurate and current updates.  You can also join this Meetup: Awaken Tucson Into Oneness   and you can email Kat Reinhardt (also currently in India!) to be put on the email list to receive updates about Tucson Oneness Events!

If you are on Maui, I will be coordinating with others who offer the Oneness Blessing on Maui and plan to offer a weekly circle in our home there, starting mid-March! I look forward to meeting you there. Please sign up for my newsletter for the day, time and address.

I will be expanding my hours available for Distant Reiki Transformational Healing Sessions once I’m on Maui, beginning the first week of March!  I’ll be offering a special rate for anyone who books a Distant Healing session for the first time and will continue to offer my monthly Free Distant Healing sessions by phone every 3rd Tuesday. The next one is Feb. 18!

Zelie and I will be offering more Spiritual Retreats in Hawaii, and will be sending out an update soon but we do have spaces available for our May and August dates – please let us know asap if you are interested in either of those, or our June 7/8 Seattle workshop. Thank you!

A hui hou – until we meet again…
love and blessings,

Welcome to the New Luminous Adventures!

Thank you so much for your interest in this work, in your own transformational healing process, and assisting the awakening of our collective consciousness by listening to and taking care of yourself on your path of self-discovery!

This new site has been in gestation stage for quite some time, about 9 months as I look back, and it’s felt like a gestation of a new “baby”, now finally ready to be born!  Though I loved the old one, it’s time for my site to grow and expand, as my Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance work has grown and expanded to reach more people and I’ve included more offerings, including many Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes, ho’oponopono and distance energy healing.

New additions…

I hope that you’ll find the new Resources Page useful, as well as the resources found in these blog posts.  Please check out the Calendar of Events Page which has a calendar of my upcoming Reiki Classes, ongoing Oneness Blessing Events, and includes all the events that Zelie Duvauchelle and I offer in partnership, such as our annual Hawai’i Spiritual Retreat in July.  For more details about all these events, go to the Workshop and Retreats Page!

To register for any of these events, simply send me an email and let me know what you’d like to sign up for!

Check back here frequently, or subscribe for blog updates (separate from my newsletter), as I will also be adding more of my own personal story of what has brought me to this work, my own healing journey, work with clients, and more.

One of the reasons for this new format, including this blog, is that I’d LOVE to hear from you!  I will be including a Question and Answer column in this blog, so please let me know your questions, what you’d like to receive information, resources and thoughts about.  I’ll do my best to answer, and I’ll try to find the answers if I don’t know.  You can ask about anything in the scope of my work, ranging from essential oils, Reiki, holistic healing, how to deal with a particular issue in your relationships, work, etc.. You can post it in a comment here, or you can email me and ask your questions, and if you’d like to remain anonymous just let me know. I’ll share the questions and answers that I feel will be of assistance to as many people as possible.

I would also love any thoughts, feedback or comments here in the blog as well!  If you want to schedule an appointment for a Reiki and Intuitive Guidance session in Tucson or by phone, or a free consultation, please call 520-579-8844, or email me.  If you’re not yet receiving our newsletter, please use the Sign-Up Box on the right, AND receive access to a monthly group distance energy healing call!  This is a powerful way to experience the subtle and profound healing work that I offer, and join a community of others seeking healing and transformation.

I am so glad you’re here, and I look forward to hearing from you!
with love and blessings,

Lucia Maya interviewed about Deeksha, the Oneness Blessing


I hope you enjoy this 15 minute interview Stephen Hall conducted with me about Deeksha, the Oneness Blessing and how it has had a profound impact on my own transformation!

Nayana – Eye Deeksha with Sri Bhagavan

this is a beautiful video with about one minute of Eye Deeksha with Bhagavan…enjoy!

Day of Deeksha

We had an amazing Day of Deeksha on Sunday! Mukthi Deeksha (blessing of liberation) followed by 64 Deeksha process – 8 rounds of 8 Oneness Blessings – wow! it was beautiful, amazing energy… Here’s the group before we began the 64 Deekshas:

and here’s Eve, our cat, after….kind of how we all felt, I think.

Kundalini experiences

Here is some helpful advice from Michael Milner, one of the Oneness Trainers in Florida concerning kundalini experiences and how to help move the energy through the physical body and energy bodies:

“Lee Sanella M.D., one of the pioneers of the Spiritual Emergency Network, in his book “The Kundalini Experience” explains a number of experiences he had helping people integrate kundalini awakenings. Bottom line, he found that the kundalini energy after reaching the top of the head needs to ground back down through the body (usually down the front of the body). When it reaches back down from the crown to the heart, that’s when the heart flowers according to OU teaching. When it reaches the lower belly (tantien or hara), virtually all side effects of kundalini vanish. When it reconnects with the root chakra, the serpent has completed a full circle like the ouroboros, the snake swallowing its tail, in a feedback loop, very powerful, very balanced! Taoists call this the microcosmic orbit. It keeps the kundalini circulating continuously in a full circle through all the chakras simultaneously, hence the person remains fully functional on every level of their humanity and fully grounded.

In Indian yogic traditions the kundalini is often raised up to 6th & 7th chakras and left there or somewhere above the crown chakra. This tends to leave people drooling & unable to function, with shakes, headaches, eye pain, sleep disorders, sexual disfunction, etc. Lying in shavasan will allow the energy to ground & integrate, but most Westerners do not take the 20 minutes or so required for that to be effective. In the book Vara Deeksha Mala (published by OU), Amma teaches a meditative counterpart to Chakra Dhyana called Parvathi Padma Dhyana meant to be practiced after Chakra Dhyana (for instructions see ).

Another alternative is the So-Ham mantra meditation taught occasionally by the guides at Oneness University (and taught by Yogananda & Muktananda and many other gurus). Inhale on “So” seeing the golden kundalini energy flowing up from root to crown, hold your breath briefly while you see the energy fountaining out the top of your head mingling with the Cosmic Prana, then exhale on “Ham” as it pours back down over the whole body, FEEL it coursing down through every part of your body body filling it with golden energy. Eventually, So and Ham, inhale & exhale, may merge into OM, breath ceases, and one enters the breathless state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

OR Taoist breathing (this has been my life-long sadhana): Tongue curled, tip touching the center of the hard palate in the roof of the mouth. Inhale feeling the energy flow up the spine through the top of the head, exhale feeling it flow down the front of the body to the lower belly (tantien = sea of elixir). I have practiced & taught this for about 40 years to many people having difficulties with kundalini, and like Dr. Sanella, I have discovered it really works to bring balance & eliminate kundalini side effects. It leads ultimately to a state in which it is entirely possible to stay in nirvikalpa samādhi and yet be fully functional in this world. This condition is known as sahājā nirvikalpa samādhi or sahājā samādhi. According to Ramana Maharshi, “Remaining in the primal, pure natural state without effort is sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi”. Taoists call it “wu wei”, the natural human state, which means “not doing” or spontaneous effortless
action, naturally doing the right thing at the right time without thought or effort.

One last thing, the nausea issue: When Kundalini energy is flooding the 3rd chakra people often feel nausea. 3rd chakra involves power & control. They feel this energy out of control and it is probably activating some blocks or charges in the 3rd chakra area. If they think “something is wrong, this needs to be fixed” & resist or struggle with it, nausea often results. If they are encouraged that nothing is wrong or needs fixing, let it be, just relax, stop fighting it, let it happen, breathe, feel it, embrace it & experience the charge (energy) without resistance, it transforms almost instantly from nausea to pure blissful energy. It’s sort of like going on a roller coaster. When you go over the top, rushes hit your tummy. Resist it and you may throw up. Surrender & you experience joyful euphoria”

Oneness Blessing Events in Tucson

sharing oneness

We are here on Moloka’i, Hawai’i, really slowing down after being here for 2 weeks now! We’ve had our first 2 conference calls with the Oneness Blessing by intent and LOVED sharing the Blessing with those of you on the calls… we plan to continue to offer Deeksha by phone when we return to Tucson, with details still to come. Of course, we will also continue to open our home every Wednesday for our Oneness Blessing gathering!

Denise suggested tonight that the participants (you!) could journal and share some of your experiences with the Blessing, and this is a perfect place to do that. You can add comments that we can all read using this as a forum. Please share images, visions, insights, revelations, any thoughts that help us to connect and induct each other into our shared experiences…

Bodhisattva Video – laughter to lighten your day

This is a beautiful video which is great to watch anytime you need to lighten up, remember to not take yourself, or anyone else too seriously… It takes a couple of minutes to get into the heart of it, so have patience – it’s worth it! It is called Bodhisattva in Metro and Bodhisattva “refers to a being who has taken the bodhisattva vow, i.e., not to merely follow the path to enlightenment for him or herself but to participate in the world with other beings to achieve enlightenment together.”

I’m reminded again of all the blessings in my life – family, health, work I love and wonderful clients to work with, animals, beauty all around me, laughter, and the ability to appreciate it all, which is grace! And the joy I receive from being able to witness others’ opening and awakening, in our Deeksha circles, in my Reiki classes, and in everyday interactions with those in my life.

Bodhisattva in Metro

Flowering of the Heart class

We were both joyful and sad to have the 4th of our first series of our Flowering of the Heart class a little over a week ago – it was wonderful to have such a beautiful group of women join us each week for deep exploration, laughter, meditation, discovery, and more… and we have missed them and our Sunday ritual already! However, we are happy to have another 4 week series starting soon, on May 24, as we continue our deepening process…

Here are the wonderful women who joined us for the first series!

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